Helping Hands Book 6


For Sixth Class, by Audrey Meredith LGSM (for DOWNLOAD)

More worked improvisations, research, word games, a pageant, Irish history through drama, introduction to Shakespeare, interviews, public speaking, dance drama plays and mime.

Playmaking with Puppets
How to Work Group Improvisations
Some Curriculum Exemplars
Word Games
The Thesaurus Award
Script Writing on a Theme
Ghosts: a school concert item
Improvisation: the 1920s
Improvisation: Fishing Up the Moon
Scary Improvisations
Historical Scenes and Anachronisms
Following Instructions
Mime: Evolution
The Young King: a mime play
Hamlet: extract in mime with dialogue
Enacting Historical Events
Public Speaking
The Generation Gap
Vote for Me
Dramatic Tableaux to Depict Months
That Interview
Who Fears to Speak of โ€™98?: a pageant


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