Helping Hands Book 3


For Third Class, by Audrey Meredith LGSM (for DOWNLOAD)

Has stories, concert items, projects, more worked improvisations from the curriculum and introduces simple creative play and lyric writing.

The TV Set
Supermarket Baskets
Do This – Do That
The Space Woman
Story Telling … Story Making
Cowboys and Indians: a drama project
The New Me
The Children of Lir: a play
The Whale: improvisation
Ghosts and Windy Weather poems
Some drama terms explained
Improvisation in Pairs
The Good Samaritan: improvisation
Clear Speech
Using Rhymes Creatively
The Tribes and the Dolmen: improvisational exploration
Using Rhymes Creatively 2
Tribes: a further worked example
The Importance of Clear Speech
Getting rid of Thinking Sounds
The Titanic Lifeboat
Human Machines
Christmas Presents a nativity play to act


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