Helping Hands Book 4


For Fourth Class, by Audrey Meredith LGSM (for DOWNLOAD)

Dramatic movement, worked improvisations from the curriculum, writing prose and dialogue, plays, projects, choral speaking, history, effective speaking, end of term show.

Human Machines
Market Day: improvisation
Stage Directions game:
Solve the Crime
A Witchy Compilation
Some Poems by Children
The Triumphant Frog
Creative Writing
Escape from the Haunted House
All About Words
Fionn and the Fianna
Close Encounters
Developing a Script
Creative Writing 2
Peculiar Words
Mime: some notes
Dorothy and the Black ‘Droid: a play
Who Discovered America?
Effective Speaking
The Four Seasons: improvisation
End of Term Show
The Pied Piper: a play
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