Helping Hands Book 5


For Fifth Class, by Audrey Meredith LGSM (for DOWNLOAD)

Unusual words, plots and how they work, a famine project, TV studios, worked improvisations, mime, plays, making speeches, formal introductions, projects for the class, speech work in detail.

TV Commercials
How to Work Group Improvisations
Practicing Formal Speaking
The Mistral: improvisational ideas
Mantle of the Expert
Good for a Horse Laugh
Spoken Words and Unspoken Thoughts
Witchy Spells and Unusual Words
Alice Through the Looking Glass: a play
The Bottom of the Cliff: improvisation
Establishing an Alibi
Peacemakers: project ideas
The Famine: improvisational ideas
Friend or Foe
Pay it Forward
Smugglers, Pirates and Privateers
Island of the Lotus Eaters
TV Interviews and Chat Shows
Books … Books … Books
Gothic Novels and Scary Stories
Watching the Detectives
Writing Poems


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