World of Make-Believe (Solos for Seniors)


The World of Make-Believe (Senior Dramatic Solos) by Deirdre Galassi FTCL and Imelda Byrne FIBSD.


A Doll’s House – Nora

Ajax – Ajax (male)

Alien Corn – Elsa

Androcoles and the Lion – Androcoles (male)

Antigone – Ismene

Antony and Cleopatra – Cleopatra

Joan of Arc – Joan

Lady Windermere’s Fan – Mrs. Erlynne

Mary Stuart – Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart – Mary Stuart

Our Town – Emily

St. Joan – Joan

St. Joan – Joan

The Bear – Smirnov (male)

The Miser – Harpagon (male)

Uncle Vanya – Elena

Wuthering Heights – Catherine

Wuthering Heights – Heathcliff (male)

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