The World of Make Believe (Solos for Juniors)


Age 9-15


Aladdin – Magician

A Little Princess – Miss Minchin

A Little Princess – Sara

Frankenstein – Doctor Frankenstein

How Jan Klaassen cured the King – Jan

How Jan Klaassen cured the King – Katryn

Little Women – Amy

Saint Joan – Joan

Sleeping Beauty – Jarinda

The Diary of Anne Frank – Anne

The Heartless Princess – Duchess

The Innocents – Flora

The Magic Mirror – Snow White (two selections)

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Sea King’s Daughter – Sea Serpent

The Secret Garden – Mary (two selections)

The Tinder Box – Witch

Toad of Toad Hall – Mole

Wuthering Heights – Isabella (two selections)

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