The Voice and the Imagination (Volume One)


by Deirdre Galassi and Finola Ryan The first volume in a series of books sharing the experience of Deirdre Galassi, a dedicated and widely respected speech and drama teacher, using her experiences spanning over forty years.

Development of the voice (with exercises)
1. Breathing
2. Modulation
3. Emphasis
4. Pause
5. Projection
6. The TH sound
7. Vowels
8. Consonants
9. Exercises for the development of the voice
10. Resonance
11. General Articulation
12. Pronunciation
13. How to Study a Poem
Development of the Imagination
1. Mime (solo, group, etc.)
2. Movement to music
Development of language skills
1. Introduction
2. Improvisation
3. Action poems
4. Choral Verse
5. Storytelling
6. Speaking in public
7. Debating
8. Communications
Christmas Ideas


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