Mime and Movement to Music 2

This product contains all the tracks on the former CD Mime and Movement to Music 2.

With original music by award-winning composer Timara Galassi, each sequence comprises two tracks. The first, a description by the renowned drama teacher Deirdre Galassi FTCL of a sequence of expressive movement designed to tell a story, illustrate a these or express an emotion. The second, the accompanying music track to which the sequence is performed.

Tracks are in mp3 format and may be played on PCs, Macs, phones and iPods.

Individual sequences may be purchased also (see Downloadable Audio Tracks)

1. Introduction
2. The Busy Street (description)
3. The Busy Street (music)
4. In the Park (description)
5. In the Park (music)
6. Alice in Wonderland (description)
7. Alice in Wonderland (music)
8. The Old Clown Remembers (description)
9. The Old Clown Remembers (music)
10. Nightmare (description)
11. Nightmare (music)
12. Cinderella (description)
13. Cinderella (music)
14. The Wicked Queen (description)
15. The Wicked Queen (music)
16. Little Miss Muffet and the Spider (description)
17. Little Miss Muffet and the Spider (music)
18. The Queen of Hearts (description)
19. The Queen of Hearts (music)
20. Sing a Song of Sixpence (description)
21. Sing a Song of Sixpence (music)

(Produced by Sharon Keegan)
(c) Irish Board of Speech & Drama 2017

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