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HELPING HANDS: Teachers’ handbooks for the Primary School Oral English and Drama Curriculum written by Audrey Meredith, LGSM. This set of six illustrated handbooks brings drama into the classroom using many of the exemplars contained in the primary curriculum. Each contains tried and tested exercises, tips, techniques, ideas, poems, stories, plays and projects, complete with cross-curricular themes. Features: Improvisation: lots of ideas and worked examples. Mime: how to introduce it – do’s and don’t’s. Poems: to read and recite – action poems – choral verse. Stories: to read and to act out. Plays: short plays to perform. Concert Items: pageants – plays – compilations. Movement: stage movement explained – dance drama. Oral English: speech work, grammar. Projects: to research and produce.

Helping Hands Book 6

For Sixth Class, by Audrey Meredith LGSM

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More worked improvisations, research, word games, a pageant, Irish history through drama, introduction to Shakespeare, interviews, public speaking, dance drama plays and mime.

Playmaking with Puppets
How to Work Group Improvisations
Some Curriculum Exemplars
Word Games
The Thesaurus Award
Script Writing on a Theme
Ghosts: a school concert item
Improvisation: the 1920s
Improvisation: Fishing Up the Moon
Scary Improvisations
Historical Scenes and Anachronisms
Following Instructions
Mime: Evolution
The Young King: a mime play
Hamlet: extract in mime with dialogue
Enacting Historical Events
Public Speaking
The Generation Gap
Vote for Me
Dramatic Tableaux to Depict Months
That Interview
Who Fears to Speak of ’98?: a pageant

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Helping Hands Book 5

For Fifth Class, by Audrey Meredith LGSM

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Unusual words, plots and how they work, a famine project, TV studios, worked improvisations, mime, plays, making speeches, formal introductions, projects for the class, speech work in detail.

TV Commercials
How to Work Group Improvisations
Practicing Formal Speaking
The Mistral: improvisational ideas
Mantle of the Expert
Good for a Horse Laugh
Spoken Words and Unspoken Thoughts
Witchy Spells and Unusual Words
Alice Through the Looking Glass: a play
The Bottom of the Cliff: improvisation
Establishing an Alibi
Peacemakers: project ideas
The Famine: improvisational ideas
Friend or Foe
Pay it Forward
Smugglers, Pirates and Privateers
Island of the Lotus Eaters
TV Interviews and Chat Shows
Books … Books … Books
Gothic Novels and Scary Stories
Watching the Detectives
Writing Poems

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Helping Hands Book 4

For Fourth Class, by Audrey Meredith LGSM

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Dramatic movement, worked improvisations from the curriculum, writing prose and dialogue, plays, projects, choral speaking, history, effective speaking, end of term show.

Human Machines
Market Day: improvisation
Stage Directions game:
Solve the Crime
A Witchy Compilation
Some Poems by Children
The Triumphant Frog
Creative Writing
Escape from the Haunted House
All About Words
Fionn and the Fianna
Close Encounters
Developing a Script
Creative Writing 2
Peculiar Words
Mime: some notes
Dorothy and the Black ‘Droid: a play
Who Discovered America?
Effective Speaking
The Four Seasons: improvisation
End of Term Show
The Pied Piper: a play
Vote for Me

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Helping Hands Book 3

For Third Class, by Audrey Meredith LGSM

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Has stories, concert items, projects, more worked improvisations from the curriculum and introduces simple creative play and lyric writing.

The TV Set
Supermarket Baskets
Do This – Do That
The Space Woman
Story Telling … Story Making
Cowboys and Indians: a drama project
The New Me
The Children of Lir: a play
The Whale: improvisation
Ghosts and Windy Weather poems
Some drama terms explained
Improvisation in Pairs
The Good Samaritan: improvisation
Clear Speech
Using Rhymes Creatively
The Tribes and the Dolmen: improvisational exploration
Using Rhymes Creatively 2
Tribes: a further worked example
The Importance of Clear Speech
Getting rid of Thinking Sounds
The Titanic Lifeboat
Human Machines
Christmas Presents a nativity play to act

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Helping Hands Book 2

For First and Second Classes, by Audrey Meredith LGSM

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Contains action poems, games, plays, stories and introduces movement and mime. Complete working of examples from Drama and Oral English Curriculum.

The Nature of Drama
The Senses
A Winter Wonderland
Who Killed Cock Robin
The Capital Letters
The Prince and the Pauper
The Troll: audibility and volume
Learning About Others Through Drama
Making Up Poems
Tableaux Vivantes
Finding Fantasy Topics
Story Telling
A Role Play Memory Game
Friendship and Exclusion
Group Improvisations: how to do them
Group Improvisations: curriculum examples
Noah’s Ark
The Circus
Red Riding Hood: an action poem
Mime: using classical gestures
Alice in Wonderland
A Story to Read
The Peacock’s Tail

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Helping Hands Book 1

For Junior and Senior Infants, by Audrey Meredith LGSM

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Introduces improvisation and how it can work with 4 – 6 year old children. The book is packed with rhymes, simple poems, finger puppet exercises and so on, all on a fantasy theme.

The Beautiful Witch or Powerful Wizard
Making up an Original Story
Making a Play from a Nursery Rhyme
Making a Play from a Nursery Rhyme 2
Lots of Nursery Rhymes
Off in the Train to Nursery Land
Tableaux Vivantes
The Toys Come to Life
Story Telling
Do This: Do That
Correcting Basic Speech Faults
Learning Verse
I am the Beautiful Witch: further working
Making up Stories: Leafy the Elf
Movement: walking in the snow, etc
Chicken Licken: a dramatisation
Meeting and Greeting
The Toymaker’s Shop: toys come to life
Run Rabbit Run
Lions and Tigers
Rainbow Folk: a play with song and colour
Hand Jive
Nursery Rhyme Cards
The Fairies and the Witch: a play to act
Group Improvisations: how to do them
I am a Mole: a simple story to read and act out

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