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    • Christmas
    • Drama Books for Teachers

      These books are filled with ideas, exercises, techniques and material for speech, drama and communication teachers to use in their classes. All material has been tried and tested by experienced speech, drama and communicatons teachers on (dare we say it?) real young people!

    • Duologues

      Those powerful selections in which two actors must create a context, tell a story, convey tension and resolve it satisfactorily, all within the space of a few minutes. We have the just the right sort of material to make this happen.

    • Junior Play Books

      Short plays. Varied age groups. Varied characters. Meaningful dialogue. All they need is your direction and imagination.

    • Plays and Play Scenes

      Books of short plays: tried and tested. You can add characters, music, movement and dialogue as you wish. Some lovely concert items. Browse and buy.

    • Selections for BOYS

      Boys, boys, boys. There just doesn’t seem to be much material for them out there. Well, these books will certainly help.

    • Solos, Duologues and Prose Compilations

      Ideal for feiseanna/festivals, exams and concerts, the selections in these books have been specially chosen and adapted by experienced speech and drama teachers. These pieces are ideal for exams and feiseanna and, as with all our material, they have been tried and tested with young people.

    • Solos/Monologues

      There’s no shortage of material in these books for exams, class work, feiseanna/festivals and auditions.

    • Teachers' Handbooks (Helping Hands series)

      HELPING HANDS: Teachers’ handbooks for the Primary School Oral English and Drama Curriculum written by Audrey Meredith, LGSM.

      This set of six illustrated handbooks brings drama into the classroom using many of the exemplars contained in the primary curriculum. Each contains tried and tested exercises, tips, techniques, ideas, poems, stories, plays and projects, complete with cross-curricular themes.

      Improvisation: lots of ideas and worked examples.
      Mime: how to introduce it – do’s and don’t’s.
      Poems: to read and recite – action poems – choral verse.
      Stories: to read and to act out.
      Plays: short plays to perform.
      Concert Items: pageants – plays – compilations.
      Movement: stage movement explained – dance drama.
      Oral English: speech work, grammar.
      Projects: to research and produce.

    • Theory Books (Diploma)

      Especially designed for Irish Board diploma students, these books also have a wider application for anyone interested in speech and drama.


    The publications in this category may be downloaded to your computer. Just choose the download version of the book you want, go the checkout and complete the purchase, after which you can download and save the book to your computer to print out whenever you want.


    Originally a series of 3 CDs produced specifically for drama students to explore and perform mime and/or movement to music sequences. With original music by award-winning composer Timara Galassi, each sequence comprises two tracks. The first, a description by the renowned drama teacher Deirdre Galassi of a sequence of expressive movement designed to tell a story, illustrate a these or express an emotion. The second, an accompanying music track to which the sequence is performed.

    These are now available exclusively for download either as individual sequences (two tracks) or organised in their original collections. The downloads are formatted as mp3 files and may be played on laptops, phones and iPods/mp3 players.

    To give you a taste of how they work, you may download the following tracks for free: Reminiscence (description) and Reminiscence (music)

    Individual downloadable Movement to Music sequences available here

    Collections available here